Equilibrium is all abut the connection between mental and physical power of the individual. Only by connecting those two skill together we can go to the next level.

To visualize ┬áthis I have captured some of the best Bulgarian climbers in two separate spaces but in the same mental condition – climbing ┬átheir most difficult routes


1 Boiko Lalov

Boyko Lalov



2 Emilian Kolevski

Emo Kolevski



3 Ina Jambazova

Ina Jambazova



4 Ivaylo Radkov

Ivaylo Radkov – Fazata



5 Juli Stoichkov

Julski Stoichkov



6 Kris




7 Mincho Petkov

Mincho Petkov



8 Radka Petkova

Radka Petkova



9 Raina Grigorova




10 Rumen Neshev

Rumen Neshev



11 Stanimir Jeliazkov

Stanimir Jeliazkov



12 Stefan Avramov

Stefan Avramov


13 Stoyan Nenov

Stoyan Nenov


14 Venci Nikolov

Venci Nikolov


15 Yavor Panov

Yavor Panov



exhibition space


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